Here’s what our customers and friends are saying about us:

"Excellent service! The only thing brighter than the jewels in their showcase are the smiles that greet you as you enter."

Gregory Burdon
"Great Service! Great People!
My husband and I have been customers for over 10 years. We have had jewellry personally designed and also purchased many other pieces from HOANG Jewellers.
Keep up the good work!!!"

Kathy and Rick Cymba
Fonthill, Ontario
"It was twenty years ago this year when I discussed with Mr. Hoang an idea that I had in mind for my mother's 80th birthday. Working with Mr. Hoang, we designed a bracelet that today is a cherished family heirloom. Each link in the bracelet (one to represent my parents and eight representing each of their eight children) - contain the birthstones for my mother and father, each of their eight children and twenty grandchildren. All birthstones are genuine (including 5 diamonds as these represent five birthdays in April) and all were selected by Mr. Hoang. An expert jewellery appraiser later told me that she had never seen so many precious and semi-precious stones that were all so true and perfect in colour. "Integrity" is the one word that I would choose to best describe Hoang Jewellers and each member of the Hoang family."
Anthony Mantler
Cambridge, Ontario

"I only have good things to say about Hoang Jewellers. I took a cherished family heirloom to them to have repaired and I am so satisfied. Since the work is done in house it was completed the same day. The piece never looked so beautiful. I will definitely go back to Hoang Jewellers.
Friendly staff, reliable, quick turnaround, fair prices.
Nykki DeChellis
Welland, Ontario
"Thanks for the great service - my ring hasn't looked this clean in years! I'll definitely be back."
Laurielle Allen
St.Catharines, Ontario
"Great service, friendly people. We had custom jewelry made and it was perfect. Been using them for years. Always a positive experience."
Adriano Porco
St. Catharines, Ontario