About Us

Hoang Jewellers (formerly known as Kim Jewellers), a Sole Proprietorship, is a family owned and operated business, offering the Niagara area a choice of jewellery, gifts, and related items. We provide our customers with “Quality Jewellery & Exceptional Service.”

Although the name HJ may be new, our family has been in the jewellery, gifts, and related business for over five decades. Operating a store in the Niagara Region since 1994, our family has built their reputation using the basic business principles of integrity, honesty, and quality service.



Our mission is to provide our customers with “Quality Jewellery & Exceptional Service.” We will achieve our mission by respectfully working with our customers, suppliers, and business associates throughout the industry. We will earn our customer’s loyalty and enthusiasm through our dedicated services driven by our integrity, honesty, desire to learn and aspiration to be the best in the jewellery business.

Our Core Values Begin with Our FAMILY:

  • Family:

    Family is the foundation of our business. We will leverage the strength of highly skilled people from other family jewellery businesses throughout the industry to work with suppliers and business associates to meet and exceed our customer’s expectation.

  • Aspiration:

    Our aspiration is to be the best in the jewellery and related business. We will work hard to achieve our goal.

  • Mutual:

    We will conduct our business to ensure there is mutual respect among our customers, ourselves, our suppliers, and our business associates in our community.

  • Integrity:

    Our name will stand for integrity, honesty, quality, and value in this business.

  • Learning:

    In order for us to survive, compete, and grow the business, our minds are open to new ideas and suggestions. Together, we will learn to improve and grow our business for years to come.

  • You:

    Ultimately, without you the customers, our family business would not exist. You’re a part of family foundation.